11 Ekim 2009 Pazar

Magnus Ottertun - Artist-

Ingenious artpieces that mix pessimism with bizzare humour.

When "commonlanguage" just confirms tirefull experiences, art can be at help according to C.F Reuterswärds recipe: "Your behaviour must surprise you, or you have to surprise it". Magnus Ottertun to, is connected to this spirituell line with Duchamp and Wittgenstein in the other "phone" (a little bit weird, but somehow correctly translated).

His frail "Chair of confessions" can't handle any heavy confession. A lonely "goldfish" has on it's bowl engraved: "It's not me living life, it's life living me". It's supposed to be a selfportrait. I think of Kafka, who also balanced his pessimism with bizzare humour.

In one other piece Ottertun sees himself as a lonely women in a bar: "Portrait of myself as a lonely women in a bar". He refers to Solanas manifest "SCUM", place a "trap for a rat" with a "jelly ratcandy" on the female gender, and creates this way a "vagina dentata" against unwished concepts penetrating the "self". It feels like a very hopefull idea.

I am stupid and sick enough to try to encrypt this text to insanity. Does this make this text good, or just state the fact that I'am crazy? Anyhow: the bottom line is; I should be gratefull that sombody says something about my ehibit in the newspaper. Funny destiny...


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