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Adult Games 2004

Adult Games play is a play which is being staged in the warm and tragic Middle East geography. We can easily see that this play which is once again reminding us Shakespeare’s saying from his play As You Like It, “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players” is not merely composed of the actors and the stage and it conveys us outside the one that we are able to see in a given frame.

The video titled “Adult Games” once again leads us to the clashes existing upon the world of our contemporary times and to the plays being played in this land in a speedy, amusing and tragic form. In this big play which is being played by kids, if we take this as a play, some of them had taken a part as an actor in this tragedy willingly, some them had been the actors of this play completely unwillingly and by force, on the other hand some of them had taken it as a burden and so they are playing their roles. It is secure to watch such plays from a distance, however as people keep on being watchers, to what extent can they feel comfortable as far as their conscience is concerned?

When man sees that an evil or a tragic play takes up, man either proceeds or leaves that field immediately. The first thing that the watcher of our time has to do in order to confess is to take a seat before his/her computer, he/she has to strive not to die to the end, each has to play his or her plays as the Matrixean heroes of the conjectural universe that dies and revives with no stop, they have to add joys to their joys as they grow away from the reality.

Erkan Özgen 2006

Adult Games oyunu, sıcak ve trajik Ortadoğu coğrafyasında sahnelenen bir oyundur. Shakespeare’in “Dünya bir sahne, insanlar da aktörleridir” sözünü bize tekrar hatırlatan bu oyunun, sadece oyuncular ve sahneden ibaret olmadığını ve bizleri kadrajın dışına taşıdığını kolaylıkla görebiliriz.
“Adult Games” adlı video, bizi günümüz dünya coğrafyasında yaşanan çatışmalara ve bu coğrafyada oynanan oyunlara, hızlı, eğlenceli ve trajik şekilde tekrar götürmektedir. Küçüklerin oynadığı bu büyük oyunda, ki bunu bir oyun olarak düşünürsek, kimisi bu trajedide bilerek, isteyerek oyuncu olmuş, kimisi hiç istemeden, zorla oyuncu olmuş, kimisi de bir zorunluluk olarak katılıp, rolünü oynamaktadır. Bu tür oyunları uzaktan seyretmek güvenlidir, lakin insanlar seyirci olarak kaldığı sürece vicdanen kendilerini ne kadar rahat hissedebilirler?
İnsan kötü ya da trajik bir oyunun start aldığını görse ya ilerler ya da derhal o alanı terk eder...Günah çıkarmak için günümüz izleyicisinin ilk yapması gereken, bilgisayar başına geçip hiç ölmeden, öldükçe tekrar dirilen sanal alemin birer matrixvari kahramanları olarak oyunlarını oynayıp, gerçeklikten uzaklaştıkça hazlarına haz katmaktır.

Erkan Özgen 2006


Adult Games

We gaze upon the permanent imprint of ethnic wars and suffocating reality of the barren soil where children, with their limited images, start to play adult games. A dozen Kurdish children, who lost all of their hopes at the hands of global toys and wearing snow masks, kead towards a playground that is the only investment of the town. There are systematic prohibitions behind this unusual siege that targets hopscotch areas, swings and climbing bars. The group, with a leader who goes first to observe (influence of a guerrilla story) heads towards the park through an illegal way, trying to explain with breathtaking activity, that in this situation fun in not comical. We know what happens after fun and the result of it is well-known. Whether activist children tell the truth and whether evidence given by them is true or not is what is discussed at the trial hall. Cildren of Adult games will reject all accusations and will say once more that they are not terrorists, that is all. There is one thing that children in The Midlle East share: a destiny that is damned. Children die before the sun goes down on this soil.

Şener Özmen 2004

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