6 Mayıs 2009 Çarşamba

PERSONALITY CRİSİS 04,04,2009/23,05,2009

“Personality Crisis”+ “Centro di Permanenza Temporanea”Outlet//Independent Art Space continues to bring dynamism to the contemporary art scene of the city. The gallery’s forth exhibition “Personality Crisis”, which opens on April 4th, is the internal response of the artists to the contemporary issues.Personality Crisis includes the works of seven artists who are preoccupied with their 'personal issues’. Paintings, photography and video works by Barış Seyitvan (Diyarbakır), Birtan Oran (İzmir), Erkan Özgen (Diyarbakır), Fatih Tan (Mardin-Antakya), Mehmet Vanlıoğlu (İstanbul), Murat Özdemir (İzmir) and Nasan Tur (Berlin) come together in the ground floor space.Downstairs in the Outlet Project Room is Adrian Paci’s video Centro di Permanenza Temporanea.Birtan Oran's works depict as much himself as the children of the consumer age in general; on a pile of boxes stands a pair of Adidas trainers, all shiny.Nasan Tur, uses the widely popular slogan "Time for Revolution" as a template for a spray-painting, yet re-writing this grafitti with a little différance: mending "Revolution" to "Revollusion". The "failure/error" of this writing multiplies the meanings and thus opens up the signifier. Murat Özdemir transports a cry form the past into his painting. The series, called "Silence", expresses his inner voice. Erkan Özgen follows the trail of a begotten time in his video "Lost Body". The innocence of childhood vanishes in between the soldiers boots. In their day jobs the artists Mehmet Vanligoglu and Baris Seyitvan work as house painters or clowns. Their struggle to make ends meet gets mirrored in their artistic production. Vanlioglu, in his video, paints the walls and goes fishing whereas Seyitvan tapes his bookkeeping for the day, late at night. Fatih Tan, in his photographic work, drags the spectator into a thriller brimming with nonchalance. An artist, a critic and an assassin, side by side, are hooking the onlooker to the snapshot of a nietzschean instant.The invitee of the Outlet Project Space is 1969 born ADRIAN PACI. The Albanian artist lives in Milano since 1997. Having created an impressive series of artworks on the situations of his native Balkan's, Paci, in his new piece “Centro di Permanenza Temporanea” creates an ironic link between the bygone and the new. Willing to travel from one country to another, full of hope, hoping for a more fortunate, more prosperous and peaceful future, the depicted migrant workers are crossed with the artist's own circumstances. Obliged to move from one place to another, the migrants do not cross one another in the habitually tiny, crowded coach but on an aircraft stairway, trying to board a plane. But old habits die hard and a row is forming itself. This work by Adrian Paci, known for his habit of mocking himself, can also be read as the depiction of the "homo balkanikus" predicament.The exhibition will be open from April 7th until May 23rd. Opening hours are from Tuesday to Saturday between 10.00 and 18.30.Outlet is a venture to bring art, regarded as a luxury commodity, to the masses, in a time and space where social and cultural inequity is ever more deeply entrenched. Outlet hopes to provide an innovative and vigorous platform for an artistic context wedged between the city's many bank galleries, private institutions and museums. Outlet Project Room will host distinctive works by artists from Turkey and abroad, as well as helping to support the production of new projects with the desire to intertwine a commercial and a non-profit project space to encourage new attitudes and conversations.Outlet is run by Azra Tüzünoğlu with support of Canan Pak, AYK, Mas Printing, BenQ, Point Hotel, Beck’s, Coca Cola, Net Copy Center and Derin Design.WHEN:Vernissage - Saturday, 4 April, 2009 from 6.30 to 8.30 p.m.Exhibition: Tuesday, 7 April – Saturday, 23 MayGallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.WHERE:OUTLET//Independent Art SpaceBoğazkesen Cad.Kadirler Yokuşu no:69Tophane-IstanbulTurkey0212 245 55 05

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